Teds Woodworking Review

Woodworking is a very important part of everyday life. Some take it as a business, while others just use it to flex their creativity muscles. There is virtually nowhere you go that you would not see a wooden product. With the right guidance, there is no limit to what you can build with woods. There are several woodworking guides available, each one claiming to offer something different. One of such woodworking guide is the Teds woodworking guide. This guide has been stirring conversations in the woodworking industry. This is why we have decided to conduct a comprehensive review of this product. This teds woodworking review is carefully written in order to provide you with important information that will help you decide if the ted woodworking guide is for you.

What is Ted Woodworking?

Ted woodworking is a tutorial package for professional woodworkers and anyone with an interest in woodworking. This guide offers a step-by-step approach on woodworking. You are provided with specific plans and details about different woodworking projects. This package gives you the complete list of materials, tools and equipment that you need to carry out specific woodworking projects. It comes with featured images and diagrams, giving you a visual idea of what is meant to be built.

About the author – Ted

This woodworking guide was written by Ted McGrath. Ted is a member of the Architectural woodwork institute. He is a woodworking artist who has amassed over 36 years of experience in this industry. Ted is well known educator across America. His years of experience means he has gathered ample knowledge and expertise in various woodworking operations. Ted has put all of his woodworking knowledge into this comprehensive guide, which two around two years to make.

How does this product work?

This product works as an interactive and very explanatory guide to anyone looking to take on woodworking projects. You are exposed to over 10 000 woodworking projects, all of which are meticulously explained. This book utilizes a step-by-step manner of tutoring. Everything you need to get started with woodworking is properly outlined in this guide. Several other guides leave out basic and essential information to beginners because they do not consider them relevant. However, the ted woodworking guide starts from the scratch of every woodworking project, so you do not get stuck, no matter your level of knowledge in this sector. For every woodworking project, you are provided with the following information:

  • Detailed illustrations and come with full dimensions
  • Step by step instructions on how begin and complete the woodworking project
  • Every necessary material needed to complete that woodworking project
  • Every woodworking tool that is needed to complete that particular woodworking project

With all of this information, you can be sure of being provided with all the necessary details required to complete any woodworking project. The ted woodworking guide is with you along every step of the way.

How much is this product and what do you get?

Pricing of this product is set at $67. You are given access to download this product after your payment has been confirmed online. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Go to the ted woodworking download page –
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on “add to cart”
  • You will then be taken to a secured payment platform where you can either pay with your credit card or via paypal
  • Once your payment is confirmed, you will be provided access to download this woodworking guide.
  • You can then complete your download

There are a number of products that make up this woodworking guide. Here are the things you get along with your purchase:

  • 150 videos of instructions on woodworking
  • Guide on how to get started with a woodworking business
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) software
  • Comprehensive guides on different woodworking plans and projects

Pros of Ted Woodworking

  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Provides detailed step-by-step approach
  • Very comprehensive package
  • Woodworking plans are very well organized
  • Price of product is reasonable
  • Cons of Ted Woodworking
  • Some of the woodworking plans are scrapped from other websites and magazines
  • The videos in this guide are primarily from YouTube and are not so detailed


There is really no reason why you should not try this product. The approach taken by the ted woodworking guide is laudable, as it focuses on a do-it-yourself practice. The pricing is also quite reasonable. Some of the cons have also been revealed in this ted woodworking review. Ultimately, the choice is yours as to whether or not this product is worth it.

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